Sunday, April 17, 2011

the midwest

What I laerned off the midwest is the chicago fire th cow started the fire and it burn the farm nothing could stop not even the chicago river it came to the city and it was burning down buildings and people were running for there lives some of them came into the chicago river and thought they were safe but they were unsafe, because the fire hit the lake.the only thing that made the chicago fire disappaer was a steady rain the news went crazy.the newspappers were all over.Chicago will come back allright.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

beginning of the road trip

I already know a lot of the midwest one thing I know is wisconsin is with corn. Right now I can't wait to go in chicago, I want to know how Abraham Lincoln did he made things greater in chicago.Was there war in chicago. Right now what I learn was the chicago fire. Don't laugh but the chicago fire happened from a cow. When it happened it was a wooden city in the 1800's everything was wood  people were trying to escape. They went in the river they went out of chicago. The fire man tried to but they couldn't. This wasn't ordinary fire this was the greatest fire in history it was the king of fires . The only way the chicago fire was gone was a steady rain. People rebuild chicago but this time everything wasn't made of wood this time they put brick walls,side walks,and houses. They also put steel pipes and medal parts to hold houses and medal machines and technology and they made chicago a bigger city.